Photographic exhibition "Magic structures"

Motto: Take power from perception

      I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to present my photogallery and share my own reflection on natural environment with all visitors. My adventure with photography began some time ago and has undergone various stages. One of the first stages or phases consisted in mastering the ability of framing. This activity, i.e. individualization of the frame is the essence of photography which enables us to show our own view. Of all different areas, this is macrophotography that has turned out to be the closest for me in the last years.

      Perception of beauty of the unique compositions of nature created by wood, water, rocks and ice is a process I derive energy from. Philosophy, mythology, music and travel giving me knowledge about the ways of perceiving nature by people of different cultural backgrounds were of no small importance in my arriving at this way of world perception. It was also essential to put myself and the image of the world in order as well as master proper breathing and zen meditation. Combining all those elements together, i.e. technique, philosophy, my own perceptiveness and my fascination with space and light let me see the beauty of structures in nature. It has become my passion.

      The photographs presented here have titles which are loose associations with various processes or people. Due to a variety of perspectives of the same elements by different people, each visitor's imagination will give them an individual character or will evoke certain thoughts and emotions. By the presentations of my photographs, I would like to encourage everyone to discover their sensitivity and express their inner souls through photography, especially macrophotography and to obtain strength from the process of structure perception.

Photographic exhibition "Sand composition"

Motto:  Wake up beyond time

The mountain people used to answer the question why they walk the mountains like this: "Because they are there". Why do I photograph sand? To answer the question I would say: "Because I can see their beauty and power".

The following definition of SAND, non-continuous part of the environment with components randomly filling space, is also a definition of ME.  SAND and I on the beach - two beings independent from each other.

Walking along the beach, I noticed picturesque images of sand layers uncovered by sea waves and  unevenly colored. How did I happen to notice these sand compositions? I don't know for sure, however, it was a significant event. Therefore, I would like to share my experience of the process of sand perception.

At the beginning,  I thought of sand as a natural element which, carried by the wind, is moving and creating dunes in new places. Predatory sand, a menacing and powerful element and a transitional form between the stability of  rocks and fluidity of water. Then, with my mind totally at peace, I instantly became a grain of sand, a component of the world with the prefix "nano", a tiny thing subjected to the elements of nature to enable me  to discern the compositions made of billions of sand grains. In this one moment I experienced a deep bond with our planet and awareness beyond the time when we are rushing and hurrying. It is beautiful to be beyond time.

                                                                                                                                     Cezary Toma
Note from author
© 2011 Copyright by Cezary Toma
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